As the Coronavirus grips Scotland and vulnerable members of our community prepare to self-isolate for weeks and perhaps months, the pupils at McLaren High School have come together to offer support.

From an idea suggested by S4 pupil Alastair Cantlay, we have grown quickly to a group of 20 S4-S6 volunteers. At two inductions sessions, students were provided with training in how to minimise contact with self isolating clients while delivering our services. Our procedures continue to evolve, as we get feedback and suggestions from a number of individuals and groups. While we have thought carefully about our role, we are very open to suggestions and advice about how to improve both the safety of pupils and the wellbeing of those we strive to help.

Our volunteers have all been issued with an ID card which they should be able to produce ro confirm their participation in this scheme. An example badge is shown on this page.

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